ACROSS is realizing a long-held dream of adding capacity beyond our current 4 units. We often have more people who need a place to live than space to house them. Our plan is to double our capacity by adding an additional 4-unit building on our lot across the street. With the help of the community, we will see the dream come to fruition.

Each of the new units will consist of a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment. The plans have been drawn, the permits applied for and ACROSS is working to get as much materials, labor and money donated as possible.

ACROSS is a local, community-based charity. We have relied on our local businesses and citizens for support and they have stepped up time and time again. Now we need your help. We have been blessed by God in carrying out our mission to offer a hand up to those in need.

ACROSS is a 501C(3) non profit organization with an active board of directors and a heart for our mission. Your donations are tax deductible. We will be glad to provide any information or documentation needed. Thank you for your support of this important mission.