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What We Do


  1. What does A-CROSS do?

    We help individuals and families who have been living on their own but have encountered a crisis in their housing situation. We provide them a safe place to live while they regain their stability and independence.

  2. Is A-CROSS a homeless shelter?

    No. We are not a shelter for the chronically homeless but we can help with referrals to nearby facilities that can help.

  3. Is A-CROSS a domestic violence shelter?

    No. We are not staffed or equipped to offer protection to people escaping an abuser. Nor do we offer any counseling services. We can help refer people to nearby facilities that can help.

  4. Who can get in to A-CROSS?

    People who are facing an unstable or bad housing situation but have the ability and desire to turn things around to get back on their feet.

  5. What is the facility like?

    We have 2 buildings each with 4 apartments. Most of the apartments have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen (with all appliances), one bathroom and a living/dining room. Each building also has a shared laundry room.

  6. Are the apartments furnished?

    Yes. We provide the basics if needed. Couch, table/chairs, beds, dressers etc. As well as basic kitchen stuff like plates, bowls, pans etc.