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What We Do

Our Mission

A-CROSS stands for A Christian Response of Shelter and Service.

It is our mission to fulfill the command of Jesus Christ by loving our neighbors and helping those in need.

Specifically…we step in during a time of crisis to provide housing for families and individuals.

We target people who have been living on their own but something has happened to knock them off their feet.  Examples include - a sudden job loss, a house fire, weather related damage to a home,  death of a spouse, accident, divorce,  illness etc.

We go beyond just providing housing.  We look to find the struggles that led to the crisis.  We can assist our clients in finding a better job, connecting them to qualified counselors,  helping them get health care, locating child care, getting them groceries etc.

Upon move in, we work with all of our clients to come up with a plan to get back on their feet. And hold them accountable to KEEP WORKING THEIR PLAN!

We are a hand up, but not a handout!